Bluestone Race mountain timed race - a bike tour for tough guys

This mountain bike tour follows the competition route of the Bluestone Race mountain timed race. For riders who love tough climbs and aren't afraid to sacrifice their bikes on technically challenging downhill and single trail descents.

The start is at Waltersdorf in the Neue Sorge (540 m) area. Follow the length of the 'Eisgasse'. Pass the Mungo ski slope on a difficult 11% climb that gets right to the point - an endurance test for both you and your machine. After approx 1 km, you'll reach a short flat section, then turn left for another 2 km to the next tough climb. Pass close by the Weberberg (711 m) to reach the Lauschekamm, then follow along the border for a few exciting downhills. After 5 km the hiking trail turns into a technically challenging single trail: at this point, the Lausche will be ahead of you the whole way, the highest peak of the Zittauer Gebirge (793 m). Attention: at kilometer 5.5, you'll leave Germany, and then you turn right into neighbouring Bohemia. A difficult lane follows this section, but then you arrive again on an easy forester's trail. On the saddle of the mountain ridge, the tour climbs once more in the direction of the Stückeberg. The destination is to the left: the parking lot at the Chata Luz at Jägerdörfel. Do you still have energy reserves? Great, then keep going another 400 m along the red hiking trail north and then turn right on the Lauscheweg. The seven curves up until the peak will really take everything you've got, but it's the last section. You're really going to have to use your click pedals as much as possible to get to the top. The reward is a great panorama ??? and the great feeling of having giving it your all.

Trail length
8.3 km
Altitude min.
450 m
Altitude max.
707 m
Total ascending altitude
583 m
Total descending altitude
385 m
Degree of difficulty
35 min
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