MTB tour Schafsberg - Dreiklafter - Jeschkenkamm

Start off in Zittau at the Friedensstrasse border crossing, where you can also find good parking. Cross over a small tongue of land from Poland onto a bike trail towards Hrádek Nad Nisou (Grottau). From here, ride along the left side of the Neisse on the streets until (!) a factory area, which unfortunately cannot be entered. Turn left shortly before this onto the blue hiking trail. Don't worry too much about the short climb, since an exciting single trail will take you along the slope high above. After this, head downwards until you reach the bridge. Attention: don't follow the path onto the property. That is, unless you would like to be chased by a pack of dogs! A path opens up behind a wall along the slope. Maybe it would have been a good idea to bring a spare tire, since there's so much glass laying around. This usually goes off without a hitch, and the barking dogs to the side are usually a good motivator. After this short adventure, you can relax and continue towards Bíly Kostel nad Nisou (Weisskirchen). At this point, you meet up with the route home. At the end of the town, another single trail starts after a bridge, which features an exciting weir crossing ??? a great opportunity to test your balance! Try to reach Chrastava (Kratzau) without getting wet. Follow along the path home here for 100 m. Head towards the mountain across a meadow with a wonderful view in the direction of Ovci hora (Schafsberg, 496 m). There's a great view from the summit in the direction of Liberec (Reichenberg), the city on the Jeschken. And now comes... a steep descent! In the valley, cross over the Neisse and the trail home. This is the third opportunity you have to shorten your MTB tour. But you can make it! On the south side of the Langeberg, follow along a slowly disappearing forestry path, which will take you to Krystofovo ??dolí (Kristofsgrund), an enchanting Bohemian town with plenty of charming inns.

Trail length
53 km
Altitude min.
240 m
Altitude max.
807 m
Total ascending altitude
1.231 m
Total descending altitude
1.026 m
Degree of difficulty
very difficult
5 h 23 min
Höhenprofil MTB Tour Schafsberg Dreiklafter Jeschkenkamm

You will now ride past the Neuländer overpass and leave the town. At this point, you will have to give a bit of gas. Now you will head towards the Jeschkensattel. Take a break at the concession stand if you like. The good news: there isn't much more altitude to climb today. It's your decision if you want to keep pushing for the next 3 km and 300 meters of altitude to reach the summit. Of course you do! It's absolutely worth it: the panorama is breathtaking! The descent of the tour that follows from Cerná hora 811 m (Schwarzer Berg) is also a lot of fun, since it has true downhill character! But here's a serious warning: this section ill require your complete concentration. If you are riding alone, then don't take any chances here. Make sure you click out at the right times! If you aren't so sure of yourself, then you should probably roll your bike down the approx. 100 meter descent. Now it's a piece of cake over the ridge to the final mountain, the Rozocha (Dreiklafter, 767 m). You can look forward to a wonderful view and a long descent along 4 km and 440 meters of altitude. From the single trail along forest paths, this tour has it all - and there usually isn't a soul to be seen. Go ahead and ride as fast as you like into the valley. In Hamrstejn (Hammersdorf), cross over the Neisse on a railway bridge. Look out for rail traffic! If you have kids with you, then a detour on the street to the right towards Machnin (Machendorf) is recommended and back on the bike trail on the other side. Follow along the Neisse back downstream across Andelská Hora (Engelsberg) towards Crastava, then towards Bíly Kostel, this time on the other side of the Neisse towards Hrádek Nad Nisou. In the end, you'll be happy that you took the tour and saw so much! A great mixture of cross-country and downhill elements.

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