MTB tour with a panorama view of Lückendorf - Weissbachtal - Kaisergrund

Start is in Zittau-Süd. Meeting point: Netto parking lot or close to it. This tour starts off easy. A section passes through the town, and then you continue on the Neisse bike trail in the direction of the tri-country-border. After that you reach Hartau - you can also start your MTB tour from this position. (Way point: parking lot on the border) Ride in a southerly direction to reach the water catchment area for Zittau: to the left, you can see the pump station and several wells, and five of these are on the Czech side. These feed Zittau's drinking water network for hundreds of meters. Now turn right onto the Kieferngrundweg in the direction of the Mühlsteinberg. A small trail takes you to Lückendorfer Strasse. Above the Mühlsteintisch (a rest area with a round stone bench and a table), you'll cross Lückendorfer Strasse. The new Heidebergweg takes you to the peak of the Mühlsteinberg. If you feel like it, then you can turn off the path at the highest point about 10 meters to the left. This area features a wonderful view of the Jeschken and the Weissbachtal, which you will cover later on during the tour. The first few meters of the descent provide riders with an unforgettable panorama of the Hochwald.

Trail length
34 km
Altitude min.
231 m
Altitude max.
532 m
Total ascending altitude
725 m
Total descending altitude
638 m
Degree of difficulty
3 h 30 min
Höhenprofil MTB Tour Lückendorf Wei??bachtal Kaisergrund.

Please concentrate on the route and keep your feet on your pedals! After a short section of forest path, you'll reach another descent, which takes you to Lückendorf and the 'Gasthaus zur Schmiede' pub. Continue upwards and pass through the town. Now you'll have a very pretty panorama; pass under the ski lift and keep going along the west side of the Sommerberg. You'll reach the edge of the forest, then go downwards. A tough climb follows this. You'll really have to give gas here. If thirst has overwhelmed you by this point, then you should probably climb off and relax. The halfway point of the mountain features a spring - the Scheibeborn. Now you'll get onto the Ringelshainerweg, which will lead you to the Löwenbuche. If you would like to learn more about it, there is some interesting information and a map. After the barrier you're in Czech territory again, but you'll continue in the direction of Zittauer Strasse again. This old commercial road is now a modernised forestry trail - and a pleasant downhill ride in the meantime. The Fuchsberg (535 meters) is on the left. After a sharp left curve, a very pretty view of the Bohemian landscape and its volcanic mountains becomes visible. The following section of this tour over the Finkenbrunner Weg is a real challenge for racers - big chain rings and small gears are the motto here. But don't overdo it: even in this quiet area, you might meet someone coming in the other direction. The fun is eventually over and you'll start heading towards the mountain along a forestry path. Half way up, you'll pass by one of the former bunkers built in 1933 to protect the border. You can take a break at the Bäckerkreuz (left of the tree) on the saddle of the Rollberg. Now you reach a very technically challenging section with several difficult passages and single trails, which changes yearly due to erosion. The path continues to the Kaisergrund, a valley with sandstone cliffs and plenty of climbing spots. The area hides numerous cliffs that are difficult to climb behind pine and spruce trees. Shortly after this, you'll come out of the forest and see the town of Dolní Sedlo (Spittelgrund). The valley is the location of the next goal: Hradec (Grottau). Continue again into the forest. It's a lot of fun to let your bike fly down the curves at full speed to the Zigeunerwinkel ??? then continue on towards Hradec. An excursion to the Kristinasee lake, a local recreation area, provides plenty of opportunities to rest. Continue to the Polish border along the straight street (1,500 meters) with a bike trail. The path takes you back home at speed.

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