O-SEE CHALLENGE competition route: reduced MTB trail

Start this tour at the O-See with a slight curve around the lake to reach Olbersdorf. Follow along the Dorfstrasse in the direction of the school. A tunnel allows you to cross below the high-traffic road. Now continue in the direction of the clock museum. A collector has put together quite a range of clocks here. The route continues upwards in the direction of the Hochwald (749m).The Hain area of town points the route past the Kammbaude lodge. If you want a unique Lausitz experience, then drop in here for a stop and a bite to eat.

Trail length
25,80 km
Altitude min.
236 m
Altitude max.
590 m
Total ascending altitude
522 m
Total descending altitude
519 m
Degree of difficulty
1 h 18 min
Höhenprofil O-SEE Challenge Wettkampfstrecken - Reduced MTB Trail

The tour continues along the border, and a few slight detours allow brief excursions on the Bohemian side. After a brief climb, you'll reach the Johannisstein. After taking in the grand panorama, follow the small trail. Cross Lipaer Strasse straight in the direction of the Kleiner Stern crossroads. Make a hard left and then continue downhill; a short climb follows, continued by a small single trail. Continue the fast ride down until the Armesünderweg at the Niederoybin train station. Now the final, steep climb up the Ameisenberg starts. This section feels a bit like the lip of a ski jumping slope. Circle around the Ameisenberg just about completely, then you will reach a rocky section that leads into the valley. The trail is flat and a little downhill again in the direction of Olbersdorf, at which point you'll ride back on the same route. Once you reach the O-See area, you've come to the last section, which is different than the start.

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