Summer in the Outdoor Land

Of course, you can also discover the historical sights of the Zittauer Gebirge park completely relaxed and enjoy the regional specialties. However, we would also like to give you a sample of the summer sports available here. Mountain biking, downhill, and single trails, biking tours, Nordic walking, climbing and hiking, and much more: the Zittauer Gebirge nature park and the Outdoor Land. What else?

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The Zittauer Gebirge park features challenging cross-country tours over mountain and valley, making it a real paradise for mountain bikers. But it's also great for athletes who like the going a little easier; the broad network of cycling paths has something for everyone.


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Whether daily tours or multi-day hiking vacations, Zittauer Gebirge park offers hikers all kinds of hiking trails to view all of the highlights of the landscape. Ascents and distances travelled are richly rewarded with fantastic views and cosy mountain lodges.


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For several years now, Nordic walking has been growing in popularity, and now it has reached the Outdoor Land. For well being or as a power sport, it's a great way to discover our great mountains and valleys.

Nordic Walking

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A small excursion in the Bohemian and Saxon Sandsteingebirge mountains in the south-east corner of Saxony offers both beginners and climbing pros new challenges and breathtaking views.


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During the summer months in the Zittauer Gebirge, fans of water sports will also have a hard time keeping dry. The Olbersdorfer See is an absolute hotspot for surfing, swimming, diving, and sailing.

Water sports

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Special tour offers, numerous well-marked riding trails, riding inns ??? the Zittauer Gebirge park definitely earns its reputation of being 'rider-friendly'!


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Eighteen holes... Whether in miniature form directly in the Zittauer Gebirge or in the immediate vicinity of the extensive golf courses of our Czech neighbours, both pros and families with children can improve their handicap with us in the Outdoor Land.


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The Zittauer Gebirge park is also great for action and fun that's a little different than the regular outdoor disciplines: get a workout by participating in a hot beach volleyball match at Olbersdorfer See, take a run on the Oderwitzer summer sledding slope, or dare to try the legendary Ebersbacher bridge swing.

Fun sports

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2much4you 2010 - Outdoor Land-Podcast

  • 24 harte Stunden auf dem Mountainbike
  • 5 km lange Runde am Hang des Hochwaldes
  • gespickt mit Single-Trails
  • kräftezehrenden Anstiegen
  • rasanten Abfahrten
  • eine echte Herausforderung für Fahrer und Bike

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