MTB tour: Frauenberg and Langer Berg

This tour starts at the pedestrian border crossing in Hartau. It follows side streets and upstream along the Neisse. First of all, you'll reach the town of Bíly Kostel nad Nisou (Weisskirchen). After a rail bridge, the ascent of 80 m of altitude starts in the direction of Panenská Hórka (Frauenberg). The location is picturesquely placed at the base of the Langeberg, and it only awakens from its Sleeping Beauty slumber slowly. A route downhill into the valley follows, and then riders cross a small stream. This is a useful time to loosen up your legs. To avoid overdoing it, this is a good point to get ready for 1 km of ascent. This tough-as-nails 13% minimum grade will take everything you've got. To be sure, you'll only make it up if your condition is optimum. A real challenge for any mountain biker. Are you up yet? Great! The struggle up is rewarded with a fast downhill ride into the valley: enjoy the cool breeze that flies past you on the way down to lská Hora (Engelsberg), a part of Chrastava (Kratzau). The mountain ridge of the Schafberg (496 m) is visible across from this. A section of country road allows you to loosen up your legs again. If you need to take a short break, then take a look to the right - there's a rest area for cyclists.

Trail length
34,8 km
Altitude min.
245 m
Altitude max.
744 m
Total ascending altitude
736 m
Total descending altitude
724 m
Degree of difficulty
very difficult
3 h 15 min
Höhenprofil MTB Tour Frauenberg Langer Berg

At tour kilometer 16, you leave the road to the right and enter the forest. This leads parallel to the road at first, then it ascends gently to a lumberyard. Follow the blue hiking trail from here, which is 4.5 km at approx 10% grade towards the destination. At approx. 625 m altitude, you'll reach a bench to take a break. A break in the forest provides a wonderful view of the Jeschken. From here, follow the forester's trail tot he peak of the Dlouhá hora (Langer Berg, 748 m). Attention: don't enter the area to the right of the path, since this is a nature preserve! The Dlouhá hora's summit guestbook is hidden under a small pile of rocks. A small glance in the direction of Chrastava should hopefully provide you with a reward for your hard work, provided the trees in the break haven't grown too much. Another break in the forest takes you downhill along another forester's trail. After reaching a spring on the left side, you will come to a fork 'Buche der Republik', which features a refuge tower. Continue along the asphalt forester's trail. Take good care during the fast descent, since their are plenty of red deer in this area. Cross a bridge to safely reach Europastrasse 442. Shortly after this, you take off into the forest again. A downhill trip along a hiking trail provides another small thrill. Finally, you'll come to the side street where you started the tour. If you like, you can follow your GPS back to the start, or even take a well-deserved break at the inn on the Kristinasee.

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