Very easy: tour to Oybin

This tour will be very easy on you: except for a small section, where you should push, and a small set of stairs (where you can't push), everything can be managed with a trekking bike. A pretty, small tour, which will enable you to get to know the mountain range a little.

The start is the 'Haus am See' hotel at the Olbersdorfer See. The return path is also the path there, which makes the tour approx 4 km longer, and which is the same tour back. Start off in the direction of the Olbersdorf new settlement area, known as the 'Golan Heights' locally, and on to the Bertsdorfer local train station. Afterwards, just follow the tracks in the direction of Oybin. There's a good chance that you'll encounter our local steam locomotive, affectionately known as the 'Bimmelbahn'. A long valley section accompanies you in the direction of Oybiner Kessel. At the end of this section, you'll be able to view the beautiful Berg Oybin. A giant beehive made of sandstone, an Eldorado for climbers, as well as all of the other cliffs that radiate from within the forest.

ou reach the Oybin train station and travel along the town's 'tourism mile': the route features numerous inns, the tourism office, as well as a picturesque mountain church along the cliffs. Here is where the climb to Berg Oybin begins (fee-based). Travel along Dorfstrasse to reach the Hölle area of town. The Sun is only visible here for just a few hours even in summer...

Trail length
21,5 km
Altitude min.
243 m
Altitude max.
465 m
Total ascending altitude
314 m
Total descending altitude
206 m
Degree of difficulty
1 h 21 min
Höhenprofil MTB Tour Oybin

Continue to Liststrasse. In an area to the right, you'll discover a cliff, the Geburtstagsspitzel: during the GDR regime, this cliff was placed in the garden of a former climber and pediatric specialist to honour him. Anyone who can make it up can add their name to the guestbook at the top. Of course, their are still a couple of other genuine climbing walls in the program. You'll have to cover a section of road to get to them. From far away, you can already see the Kelchstein and its red sandstone. This is the only part of the path where you will need to push a normal bicycle. After a pair of meters by foot, you can continue riding again. But wait: the path is framed by powerful cliffs of up to 30 m high - an impressive view!

Very soon, you'll be in the town of Oybin again. On the eastern side, you'll leave the Oybin valley again. Near the Teufelsmühle inn, you'll encounter a small set of steps - this a lot of fun for mountain bikers, but for less experienced riders, it???s likely a good section to push. A forest path leads you to the Olbersdorfer Dorfstrasse in a northerly direction. Shortly before you reach the original route, there's a short diversion to the sculpture park, which is definitely worth a visit. To the left, you can see the new settlement area. With a little sense of direction, you can return as you wish, or use a routing device to plan your way back.

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