MTB tour: around the Limberg

Tour start and end is Zittau at the Mittelweg. Cross over the Kaiserfelder into the mountains. Ride along the Zigeunerberg in the direction of the Töpfer; the rather gentle ascent consists of recently restored forester's trails. On this bike tour, you will stay below the Töpfer and its sandstone features ??? you'll often see Saxon mountain climbers along here. Above Lückendorf, the Körtingweg provides a pretty view. A tree-root covered path (which is tricky when it's wet) takes you to Kammloch, the highest point of the connecting route between Oybin and Lückendorf. The routes there and back meet up here. With a little GPS experience, you can adjust the route here, since the path there and back meet up again at this point (at Forsthaus Nr. 6). The easier section is the suggested variant. Here you will often find a spring, which is unfortunately often dry Now you will follow a section of the forestry trail in the direction of Sokol (Falkenberg, 593 m). Go left and follow a rocky descent into the valley. Once you reach a field path, the view behind you provides a amazing panorama of the Hochwald. In Hermanice, you will reach the Dorfstrasse, and you're also just about on the trail home, which would naturally mean a shortened tour. Leave the street, and your path will take you to a Russian war monument and past the Jablonné v Podjestedí camping area ('Gabel'). Take Europastrasse and pass through the tunnel to reach the town. Culture fans will be thrilled: a church, castle, fortress, and market ??? all great photo opportunities.

Trail length
59 km
Altitude min.
277 m
Altitude max.
542 m
Total ascending altitude
810 m
Total descending altitude
865 m
Degree of difficulty
4 h 45 min

Toughen up a bit, since part of the tour continues on Europastrasse. You will pass by a motel, which also presents an opportunity to take a break. Admittedly, this section is anything but family-friendly because of the Europastrasse. It gets nice again as soon as you've passed this section. Continue 500 m further. On the left side of the street, you will find a forest path (marked green) that will take you to a sandstone reef. You can look forward to climbing cliffs, geological inclusions, and a Körner monument with an exciting view chiseled into the cliff. Follow the green path and you will meet with your route again. A section of calm country road, and then a forester's path will take you around the Zelený vrch (Grüneberg, 585 m). You're closing in on the town of Travnik ('Glasert'). Attention: you now have over 30 km behind you, and at this point, not only have you earned a break from your cross-country tour, you're also going to be rewarded with a solitary inn including a sunny terrace. The paths along the cemetery take you to the tour's namesake: prepare for the 655-meter high Limburg as it raises up in front of you. The summit is a reserve for rare animals. A broad forestry path will circle you around the mountain once halfway. Leave the path from the north side and take an exciting ride downhill until the edge of the forest. The path now follows along a variable field and meadow trail, but don't worry, you've got a navigation device... Have fun!

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