MTB circuit: Waldstrandbad pool up to the O-See

Climb out of the Waldstrandbad and head south: that's how to get to Saalendorf. Follow along a section of the Windgasse, then head up the field trail ??? it's not steep, but the trail is fairly demanding, and your tires will seem to stick. Take a short break at Christels Eck. Time for more? Follow the Saubornweg along the ridge between the Buchberg and Sommerberg. Descend along a forest path to reach the Holsteinweg. Shortly before the 'Skibahnhof', follow the ski route in the direction of the Hahnenkoppe; get ready for a steep, but short descent before you continue to Jonsdorf. Close to the Jonsdorf climbing area, you ride parallel to the tourism mile to reach the main parking lot. If you're interested in the tourism mile, just ride 200 m back along the main street. A wonderful panorama of the Nonnenfelsen is your reward (provided you have passed by any people behind you, who often stand around on the path eating ice cream when the weather is nice). Pass close by the Jonsdorf climber's lodge and the forest theater to reach Jonsdorf. Travel through the resort in the direction of the Hieronymusstein 460 m: a fitness course and war memorial featuring a nice view are up ahead. Now it's time to head downhill along a sandy path. Enjoy the super panorama as you near the Hänischmühle, where washing used to be bleached in the old days. Cross a section of bike trail and commercial road to pass the runoff ditch.

Trail length
29.2 km
Altitude min.
242 m
Altitude max.
597 m
Total ascending altitude
659 m
Total descending altitude
594 m
Degree of difficulty
Höhenprofil MTB Rundkurs Waldstrandbad O-See

Next you arrive at the local recreation area, which used to be a mining pit. Keep going! Now you will have to cross a ford (a low point in a stream or river where you can cross by foot or with a vehicle) to reach Hörnitz. By the way, everyone has made it across dry up until now... A field path continues in the direction of Koitsche, Zittau's local landmark mountain. This excursion is certainly worth it! Above all, the grand view and the very cosy mountain lodge are great for relaxing. Cross meadows and fields to approach the Breiteberg. Keep right. The ascent belongs to one of the most challenging in the area. Along the edge of the path, you can stop to visit the 'Tschoarschelstein'. 'Tschoarscheln' means 'to slide'. Keep an eye on the sign to the right of the path! It's time to cross the Breiteberghäuser, which features a view of the Lausche, and on towards Grossschönau. Behind the first or second automobile dealership, you'll be able to cross the railroad tracks. Afterwards, a field trail continues in the direction of the Waldstrandbad. You can make a variation here with your GPS.

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