MTB tour: to the Kriesdorfer Rabenstein

How about another round? Good! From Zittau, continue along the Mittelweg into the mountains. You'll circle the Zigeunerberg consistently upwards, leaving the Töpfer off to the right. Travel along the Körtingweg above Lückendorf in the direction of Kammloch, the highest point of this section. Now descend, pass by Forsthaus Nr. 6 and Sokol to the right (Falkenberg, 593 m); a washed-out, rocky forest trail will take you into the valley. From there, a fairly dusty field path will lead you to Jablonné v Podjestedí (Gabel). At this point, you will ride a small dip through the town. It's worth it to take a look at the church St. Laurentius and St. Zdislava, which are simply wonderful! Leave the town along the yellow hiking trail. Old town streets take you on to Janovice v Podjestedí (Johnsdorf) and across from the Kekkerberg (370 m), then along a small curve to the Einsiedlerstein. A chapel in the hollowed out sandstone and several caves are interesting places to rest ??? what a great place to take a break!

Trail length
64 km
Altitude min.
233 m
Altitude max.
619 m
Total ascending altitude
1.127 m
Total descending altitude
1.215 m
Degree of difficulty
6 h 30 min
Höhenprofil MTB Tour Rundkurs Rabenstein

Follow the yellow markings through a valley, which you should leave as quickly as possible, since the path is no longer usable. Cross a field, follow your GPS, and you will reach Zibridice (Seifersdorf). Further down the town street, you will reach Kuriany (Kriesdorf) and its sandstone climbing cliffs. Turn in to them here. Go upwards initially, then along the side of the mountain on a smaller but much nicer single trail. A side street will take you to the Neuländer Sattel. Follow the road and you will come to the beautiful town of Krystofovo ??dolí (Cristofsgrund), which is home to numerous inns and B&Bs. Follow along an unused local connecting road to reach the 'Buche der Republik' rest area, a ridge between the Kalkberg and Langeberg. It's all downhill from here. This is an exciting trip downhill, but look out for a lot of curves. It's ideal for a slide or two. The valley is home to Bíly Kostel nad Nisou (Weisskirchen), 'nad Nisou' means 'on the Neisse'. Follow it downstream until Hradec (Grottau), and then a bike trail will take you back to Zittau. This mountain bike tour rounds it all off.

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