MTB tour - to the bike cave

Feel like visiting a cave? Super, then let's get started. In particular, it's the bike cave. This is a cross-country tour of a special kind. Get started in Zittau, depart and return via the 'Mittelweg'. We arrive in Olbersdorf, then travel along the old commercial road Leipaer Strasse to a Bohemian village, Schanzendorf to be precise, which belongs to Krompach today. Pass by the castle and the church and then down the Dorfstrasse towards Juliovka (Julistal). No problem, since the streets are hardly used. You can really let your bike go here. Now you'll get to know a series of nice towns ??? and you'll start off quite quickly to boot. Continue to Marenice (Mergtal); this is also the location of the way back, by the way. Marenice features pleasant beer gardens, which always makes it worth a break - but maybe later on, once you're on the road home. If the Bohemian beer gets to you at this early stage, then it might just be a short trip back home. But you're an athlete, and you know what you're doing. So first of all, continue on towards Cvikov (Bohemian for Zwickau). Right after a fish pond, a super single trail begins through the 'valley of solitude', the Luziengrund. It's nice to ride along the sandy surface. And lonely. at the end of the valley, you will see the Jungfernfelsen. For these cliffs, even the most practiced mountaineers need an extra portion of courage, since nobody really knows when these crumbling cliffs will collapse. Let's leave Radvanec (Rodewitz) and continue. Across a field, past the lake, and we reach Sloup (Bürgstein). This place is famous not only because of its many climbing cliffs, but also because of the Einsiedlerstein: its sandstone honeycombs appear like a nest of bees.

Trail length
65 km
Altitude min.
254 m
Altitude max.
545 m
Total ascending altitude
1.327 m
Total descending altitude
1.034 m
Degree of difficulty
5 h 43 min
MTB Tour Bikerhöhle

Your cross-country tour progresses between Bridlicny vrch (Schieferberg, 484 m) and Slavicek (Slabitschken, 535 m) and past a chapel towards Svitava (Zwitte). Follow along the street for a short section. Here it is: right behind a left curve, you can see the first artificial cave. If you don't zoom past, then you will be able to discover several more of these relics from earlier glass production and quartz mining. The largest is the so-called 'Bikerhöhle', a meeting place for all kinds of bikers, both with and without motors. It even features a small stop with a bar, including sporadically loud motor noise. If you prefer things a little quieter, then enter the forest again shortly before Orlí vrch (Adlerberg, 324 m). Just follow your GPS device, since the field path always seems to change depending on its mood. Continue on to Lindava (Lindau). Behind a chapel and shortly before an old joiner's workshop, you'll pass by a house on your right. Stay with the green markings until the Totenstein: this massive sandstone relief is a part of the famous Jungfernsprung Legend. Further on past Kunratice (Kunnersdorf), ride in the direction of Marenice to return to the path home. Simply follow the yellow marked hiking trail in the direction of Limberg 665 m, riding around the mountain. A lonely country road takes you to the Malevil gold course. Look out for flying golf balls! After conducting evasive maneuvers, take the asphalt forester's road up in the direction of the border past Forsthaus Nr. 6. The Kammloch is an important destination. At this point, the day's climb is behind you. Follow the street through Lückendorf. There's no more altitude to climb; follow the Zittau city forest directly to Zittau. Oops - did you forget about the Bohemian beer? Then you'll have to ride back. Have fun!

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