MTB tour: on the trail of the border defense wall

The wall in a different way - as a cross-country tour. Start is in Zittau, along the Mittelweg towards Napoleonslinde. The first reward is a wonderful view of the Zittauer and Jeschken mountains. That's followed by the Zittau city forest in the direction of Eichgraben. A short section of bike trails takes you along Hartau to our neighbours. At the Zigeunerwinkel, cross the border into the Czech Republic. After several serpentine curves towards the mountain, you arrive in Dolní Sedlo, which you will leave again promptly in the direction of Spittelgrund (valley with rest area), then towards Horní Sedlo (Pass). 1933 was the year when the 1,000-km long border between Germany created a wall here after the model of the French Maginot Line. At the first bunker, which features a descriptive plaque explaining the subject, turn left onto the street. Now you will move up the pass. Keep your eyes open so that you don't miss the well-camouflaged bunkers. Right to the right around the Trögelsberg; this will save you some work, and it also offers a super photo or two when you visit the 'Elefantenstein'.

Trail length
36.7 km
Altitude min.
244 m
Altitude max.
656 m
Total ascending altitude
720 m
Total descending altitude
714 m
Degree of difficulty
2 h 53 min
Höhenprofil MTB Tour Grenzbefestigungswall

The interesting MTB descent takes you to Europastrasse. Please cross it with caution! An asphalt forester's trail leads past the Raben at Pankratz, which is a climbing wall. Continue upwards comfortably until you reach a spring, at which point turn left to reach the (almost) highest point. Pass by the gated Kalkberghöhle cave and then cross the 790-meter high Kalkberg towards the north. At 650 meters high, you'll start a 5-kilometer long descent, and the first part, a saddle, takes you to the left. About 120 m away, you'll find the remains of the ruins of Roimund, but there's no view from here, unfortunately. Pass by a section of forest trail, then turn left onto an asphalt forestry road. If you bomb into the valley quickly enough, you're likely to see the odd deer or bighorn sheep. Cross over the E442 now, this time via a bridge, and you're in the forest again. After a short descent, you'll find yourself on the local connecting road. Follow this for about a kilometer west, then turn right after the bus stop onto the hiking trail (marked blue). With a little power now you'll reach the Lausitzer Neisse. Even if you don't believe it, you can ride across the spectacular bridge there! After this, go up along a single trail and along a steep slope. Now you will encounter genuine Bohemian villages, which guide you along peaceful streets in the direction of Hrádek (Grottau). The end of the bike tour is at the pizzeria, which features a great view of the swimming quarry and the mountain ridge that you just rode down from.

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