O-SEE CHALLENGE competition route: original MTB trail

Start this tour at the O-See with a slight curve around the lake to reach Olbersdorf. Follow along the Dorfstrasse in the direction of the school. A tunnel allows you to cross below the high-traffic road. Now continue in the direction of the clock museum. A collector has put together quite a range of clocks here. The route continues upwards in the direction of the Hochwald (749m). If you can manage this section of the tour, then you've earned our respect. At the summit, there are two lodges for you to stop at if you like; both offer a very special ambience. The tower lodge possesses a viewing deck, just as you would imagine. The German Hochwaldbaude lodge, which is at the highest point of the mountain, features a terrace with a viewing deck. Don't underestimate the descent: it's already quite bumpy, and when it's wet it's really tricky, since the stones can get very slippery. The Hain area of town points the route past the Kammbaude lodge. If you want a unique Lausitz experience, then drop in here for a stop and a bite to eat.

Trail length
29,43 km
Altitude min.
236 m
Altitude max.
735 m
Total ascending altitude
749 m
Total descending altitude
745 m
Degree of difficulty
1 h 29 min
Höhenprofil O-SEE Challenge Original MTB Trail

The tour continues along the border, and a few slight detours allow brief excursions on the Bohemian side. After a brief climb, you'll reach the Johannisstein. After taking in the grand panorama, follow the small trail. Next, continue around the Jonsberg in the direction of the Kleiner Stern crossroads. Make a hard left and then continue downhill; a short climb follows, continued by a small single trail. Continue the fast ride down until the Armesünderweg at the Niederoybin train station. The original trail departs the XTERRA competition route at the Stern and continues through the residential area. It deviates from the Ameisenberg and the rocky exit. The trail is flat and a little downhill again in the direction of Olbersdorf, at which point you'll ride back on the same route. Once you reach the O-See area, you've come to the last section, which is different than the start.

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Martin,14.08.2009 18:56
Zur O-See Strecke gibt es auch eine kleine Präsentation auf YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q99ZzzuRqCs&feature=channel_page
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