MTB Tour Oberlausitzer Mountain Bike Marathon

Follow the MTB pros. The start is the same as on competition day at the Jonsdorf ice arena. Right from the start, the tour heads up towards the mountain. Follow along the Bleicheweg at the foot of the Hieronymus, then cross the local connecting road Jonsdorf-Grossschönau. This is where things really get serious: during the climb up the Buchberg and across the Quarksteinweg, a meadow trail, you'll certainly need to expend some energy. Pass by Christels Eck to reach Waltersdorf. There are several opportunities to stop here from the kiosk up. At this point, you should actually take a drink from your water bottle... Pass over a difficult section of approx. 50 m into the forest, then you will reach the Sorgeteich pond in the part of town with the same name. The Eisgasse now takes you up a powerful climb towards the Weberberg; turn to the right on the Hickelweg, at which point you can relax and roll downhill for the first time. Right away you pass by the 711-meter high Weberberg; its summit is off to the right in Czech territory. Time for a ride down - 50 meters of altitude long the Kammweg. Around 1 km of single trail lets you forget about the climb. You reach the Lausche and leave it off on the right for a nice bit of downhill. This descent is payback for the stress at the beginning of this tour. Look out for the steepest section! The way back features a lot of sharp curves. Let it slide! At the old ski jump tower and school hostel, you'll reach a technically tough downhill section, and then you follow the meadow trail across the ski slope. At the next uphill section, you might as well dismount and push; the village street provides a decent break. Right behind the border lodge, a small and inconspicuous (!) path winds between the houses into the forest. A short technical passage, this time uphill, takes you to the Holsteinweg, a forester's path in the direction of Jonsdorf. Continue in the direction of the border, first a little downhill, and then back uphill, as you might expect.

Trail length
23.5 km
Altitude min.
396 m
Altitude max.
709 m
Total ascending altitude
823 m
Total descending altitude
740 m
2 h 8 min
Höhenprofil MTB Tour Oberlausitzer Mountainbike Marathon

At the Kroatzbeerwinkel, cross over the Flügelweg towards the northern part of Jonsdorf. Now you'll reach a short cutoff, which turns out to be a tough climb up the ski trail. The ski area that follows is so tough that it will give you the impression that the skiers must have left wax everywhere in the winter. Now it's time for the 'Finstere Tülke', which is often wet and dark, a nasty bit which lives up to its name. Just after the Schwarzen Pfütze, a small pool, you'll reach the Stern, a fork in the road and trail. Pay attention when crossing! Congratulations - you've made it. The Leipaer Strasse, an old commercial road, will take you back. A real landing strip takes you downwards. After approx 2 km, you can heave the anchor again ??? then turn sharp right and continue downhill. A forest path takes you towards Jonsdorf. Here you have to cover another 700 m along the village road before you reach the ice rink again. Wasn't that fun? Then why not participate on competition day in the cross-country race and do the whole thing over again!

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