Easy MTB tour to Morgental

Meet at Zittau, the parking lot at the Landratsamt: this is where the tour starts, which leads initially along the Mittelweg in the direction of the Stadtwald forest. Right after the hobby garden area, turn right towards Oybin/Niederdorf and the Armesünderweg. Shortly before Hänischmühe, you'll cross over the path home via the Jonsdorferstrasse. After the Steinbusch (410 m), a field path leads you to Grossschönauer Strasse. Cross over the flat Strümpfeweg to Kachelsteinweg. Here comes the first climb: cross over Buchbergweg to Christels Eck (no, it's not a pub; it's a crossroads). Continue through the Angstkorb towards Waltersdorf. No you can take Schneider's Feldweg, a well-groomed field path with the character of a golf course, to the edge of the forest. Admittedly, this section is less than optimal, but it looks pretty. This would be a good opportunity to take a break. The barbeque area in Neue Sorge is a nice place to stop, since coming up is your next biggest challenge: a serious uphill climb! The 'Eisgasse' pretends to be a forester's trail, but it turns out to be a steep mountain ramp. We never said that this tour would be an easy one! Once you've reached the ridge, you switch over to Bohemian territory. Keep left and then you'll roll along a flat section past Finkenkoppe (792 m). Turn right at the Bourny (Friedrichsberg, 703 m), and you come to the (rather busy) Schöberstrasse. Fold on and follow it 500 m to the south, then turn left into the forest and disappear onto the green hiking trail. How about a little adventure? Now you can follow your GPS (and push a little later on) once the green hiking trail goes left. Attention: take extreme care when crossing the old rail crossing! If you have children with you, then it's best to stay on the green-marked trail. Afterwards follow the green tour towards Rousínov (Morgentau), which certainly lives up to its name (morning dew). The place is dreamy, lonely, and charming. Get ready for a surprise! On warm days, there's a small concession with a terrace...

Trail length
2.18 km
Altitude min.
488 m
Altitude max.
567 m
Total ascending altitude
5 m
Total descending altitude
81 m
Degree of difficulty
Höhenprofil MTB Tour Morgental

Half time for this MTB tour ??? the next half is the return. A gently ascending forestry road takes you to the castle ruins of the Milstein, of which not much is left other than a few walls. There's also a cave here; the opening is on the easterly side, so keep your eyes open. This takes you to the Hammerweg, which passes by the Hammerstausee lake. Shortly before this artificial lake a yellow marked path turns right towards the Eishöhle cave, which is even coated in ice in the summer. It's secured with a gate for preservation reasons. Pass by the dilapidated holiday camp and you've reached Juliovka (Juliustal). Keep following the Krompacher stream and enter into Krompach, the last Bohemian town on this tour. Use this opportunity to enjoy a cool Bohemian goodbye beer from the keg. The last climb takes you to the Jonsdorf border crossing. From here you take the local road towards Olbersdorf and then back to Zittau. Welcome home!

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