Moderate MTB tour Breiteberg - Sommerberg - Butterberg

This MTB tour starts at the Waldstrandbad Grossschönau (TRIXI park). The first 500 meters follow a country road, afterwards you'll turn left onto a field path. Shortly before the railway bridge, you've reached the first goal: the Breiteberg. After crossing the main street, you've reached the Hainewalde, and then you cross over the Mandau. On the other side of the street, you can continue on a clam bike path. After just a few meters, you can see the Himmelsbrücke to the right - a real challenge for you and your mountain bike. Don't hesitate to cross the bridge! It used to be narrower and steeper, but it's been leveled out since more and more bikes got stuck there. After this section continues left ??? this is followed by the mountain stage of this MTB tour & to the Breiteberg and a well-ridden ascent. After halfway, the Tschoarschlsteen provides a nice stop. A must for kids! On the Breiteberg, you'll have a great view from the tower ??? or drop into the lodge for some refreshments.

Continue past the Emperor Friedrich III monument, and then an exciting downhill section starts. A curve takes you back down into the valley. Next, you'll come to a concrete trade road in the direction of the 'Jägerwäldchen' inn. At 'Kachelstein' and 'Schwedenkreuz' (a plaque will explain this to you), turn in to the forest. After this, you have to continue for 150 meters on a side street, and then you've reached the next climb up the Sommerberg. Time to put some mustard on it! The last section of the tour to the Rübezahlkanzel is still quite steep.

Trail length
20 km
Altitude min.
300 m
Altitude max.
606 m
Total ascending altitude
664 m
Total descending altitude
610 m
Degree of difficulty
2 h 8 min
Höhenprofil MTB Tour Breiteberg Sommerberg Butterberg

A small break for a breather will provide you with a great panorama as well as peace and concentration for the downhill section that follows. Several high stages - everything easy to ride ??? are up ahead. Once this is easily behind you, then the descent that follows won't be too shocking for you. At full speed, cross by picturesque Waltersdorf, which features wonderful opportunities to take a break and pretty houses with their sandstone door frames. Now you're coming to the last, smallest, but steepest mountain on this MTB tour. Will you make it in the first go? Respect! Then you know your stuff. Leave the peak off on the right and circle the mountain - another great view. A short loop on the Hofeberg and then along a flat a side street back through the forest back in the direction of the Waldstrandbad pool.

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