Cross Country Tour Malevil 62 km

The start of this cross-country tour is at the market in Jablonné v Podjestédí (Deutsch Gabel). Follow a section of the country road in the direction of Valdov (Waldau). Shortly before the forest area, cross over a field in the direction of the Markwartsee. Continue through Gabel once again and the next climb takes you past Schloss Lemberk. It's worth it to take a break from the cross-country trip to look at the old walls! Afterwards, continue over Lvová mountain (Lämberg, 412 m) towards Janovice v Podjestédí; (Bohemian: Jonsdorf). A kilometer of country road follows and then along a forestry path around the Buchberg (472 meters). Shortly, you leave the cross-country route through the Jonsdorfer forestry area and through Zdislava (Schönbach). A section of field path before the railway tracks takes you past the Johannesberg (485 meter). Sandstone massifs peek out of the forest at every turn ??? and you also have a nice view of the next destination: Rynoltice (Ringelshain). Here you cross over Europastrasse through a pedestrian tunnel, which is also set up on competition day as a MTB concession point. A side street takes you further through the town and past its beautiful houses, until things start going uphill. Between the Fuchsberg (535 meters) and the Schwarzer Berg (also 535 meters), the path continues upwards and you reach the Tobias-Kiefer pine tree. Unfortunate: this monumental tree has died out. Fortunate: a swift downhill follows via the Zittauer Strasse forestry trail. A left curve that tends to pull you left provides a great view of the Bohemian landscape, but bear in mind that you have to keep your bike under control! A loop around the Hutberg takes you to the border crossing towards Lückendorf. Follow the long Grundweg until a tough steep part at the Scheibeborn (spring). A stony MTB downhill leads you to the Weissbachtal and the Bohemian border. 800 meters and you can follow it downhill, and then you'll have climb up the Mühlsteinberg. A small single trail provides a bit of fun before you go on to the next mountain, the Mühlsteinberg to be exact. You have to get up first; if you're out of shape, then this might be tough going. Treat yourself to a short break on your cross-country tour and take your time for a short panorama from the top of the peak (549 meters).

Trail length
58 km
Altitude min.
315 m
Altitude max.
732 m
Total ascending altitude
1.304 m
Total descending altitude
1.138 m
Degree of difficulty
Höhenprofil Cross Country Tour Malevil

Now take the Messerweg downhill towards the Scharfenstein. Before the Scharfenstein ridge, the Schotterweg descends again steeply. A short excursion to the peak (569 meters) is worth it: this features a very nice panorama of the Oybin basin. The descent to the Kurort Oybin resort that follows features several opportunities to take a break. Yes, this is a real touristic area for wandering around and enjoying. The last of these rest stops is along the Thomasfelsen, and then the Thomasweg continues upwards in the direction of Oybin/Hain. Above the Dachslöcher, the going continues to the last and largest mountain on this tour, the Hochwald, which reaches 732 meters. Right after the 'Forsthaus Hain' inn, you'll encounter the toughest part of the tour, which is also full of obstacles. Even if you ride on this section, you'll hardly be faster than if you push. But a real rider only gets off in an emergency. This section requires real power on your click pedals. Two more short downhill sections, and the hardest climb up the Hochwald plateau can begin. The German Hochwaldbaude lodge features a great view - almost a panorama. From the Turmbaude lodge, which you will ride past, you will be able to see all around you from the tower. Now there are just 600 meters left along a very rocky path towards the Hain border crossing. You change over to the Bohemian side at this point and you'll have to master a tough downhill along a washed-out path again. The cross-country tour ends right below the Schlossberg at the edge of the gold course.

PS: use the paths to get out of the way of the driving range, since it's better to enjoy a cool beer than to get a ball on the head! This area is blocked off on competition day...

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