Lama trekking
  • guided tours with lamas (day and half-day tours)
  • Lamas for beginners (learn about lamas, caring for lamas)
  • Lama caravan

Knorr´s Lamahof
Südstr. 35
02782 Seifhennersdorf
Tel. +49 3586 405014
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Vita Pura - Fasten Wandern Wohlfühlen
Jens Böhme
Eschenweg 19
02785 Olbersdorf
Tel. +49 3583 691291
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Nature trails in the Zittauer Gebirge park

Nature trail through the Mühlsteinbrüche and the Felsenstadt in Jonsdorf
Start: Jonsdorf town offices (Gemeindeamt)
More info and brochures: Tourist-Information Jonsdorf
Tel. +49 35844 70616

Waltersdorf nature trail
Start: Upper parking lot in Waltersdorf
More info: Tourist-Info Gro??schönau/Waltersdorf
Tel. +49 35841 2146

German-Czech nature trail from Jablonne v. podjestedi (CZ) to Lückendorf
Start: in the lower Lückendorf area on the street at the 'Alte Schmiede' inn
More info: Kinderhaus Lückendorf (Gabriele Merkel)
Tel. +49 35844 76893

Seifhennersdorf nature trail
Start: KiEZ Querxenland
More info: Tourist-Information Seifhennersdorf
Tel. +49 3586 451567

Olbersdorfer pit mining nature trail
Start: Captain Hook theme restaurant
More info: Gemeindeamt Olbersdorf town offices (Ute Geyer)
Tel. +49 3583 698512

Fitness courses in the Zittauer Gebirge park

Jonsdorf at the Hieronymusfelsen cliffs

  • 4-kilometer circuit through the forest
  • an athletic challenge approx. every 200 meters along the path
  • For example, obstacles requiring balancing, jumping, or climbing need to be bested
  • A short description of the exercise is provided next to the obstacles


Seifhennersdorfer forest and tactile path

  • at the area of the Wald- und Erlebnisbades Seifhennersdorf
  • The Gondelteich surrounds the Seifhennersdorf forest and tactile path area
  • Length: 400 meters and 19 stations
  • More info: KiEZ Querxenland (Tel. +49 3586 451112)
  • in Mittelherwigsdorf at the Schülerbusch
  • Start: at the entrance to the Schanzenberg on Schenkstrasse
  • Pass by the lone standing poplar towards the Schülertal
  • 14 different tactile feelings for your feet, for example posts, raw gravel, crossing the Mandau, and much more
  • A wonderful path for the senses in the Zittauer Gebirge park

More info:
Gemeindeverwaltung Mittelherwigsdorf
Tel. +49 3583 50130

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Current Podcast - Relase 6
2much4you 2010
2much4you 2010 - Outdoor Land-Podcast

  • 24 harte Stunden auf dem Mountainbike
  • 5 km lange Runde am Hang des Hochwaldes
  • gespickt mit Single-Trails
  • kräftezehrenden Anstiegen
  • rasanten Abfahrten
  • eine echte Herausforderung für Fahrer und Bike