Oberlausitzer Bergweg

If a simple day tour isn't enough, then the Oberlausitzer Bergweg is a special highlight for big fans of hiking. When a day hike isn't enough, then why not try the seven stages of the Oberlausitzer Bergweg and take a hiking vacation in the Zittauer Gebirge, completely relaxed with your gear and accommodations along the way. You can look forward to an exciting multi-day tour in an unbelievably diverse mountain landscape with granite mountain ridges, volcanic domes, remarkable sandstone cliffs, and picturesque valleys at an altitude of 200 to 800 meters above sea level.
The Oberlausitzer Bergweg includes seven stages and a total of 118 kilometers from Töpferort Neukirch at Bautzen towards Zittau, covering the highest and most famous mountains of the Oberlausitz and of the Zittauer Gebirge area - the Valtenberg (587 meters), Bieleboh (499 meters), Kottmar (583 meters), the Lausche (793 meters), and the Hochwald (749 meters). On the trail, you'll see amazing cliff formations that are begging to be climbed, mountain peaks with grand views, and inviting mountain huts, but you'll always be able to stop and rest at this or that pretty spot for a break.

118 km
200-800 above sea level

Additional Information:

TGG Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge/Oberlausitz e.V.
Markt 1
02763 Zittau
Tel. +49 3583 752200


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2much4you 2010
2much4you 2010 - Outdoor Land-Podcast

  • 24 harte Stunden auf dem Mountainbike
  • 5 km lange Runde am Hang des Hochwaldes
  • gespickt mit Single-Trails
  • kräftezehrenden Anstiegen
  • rasanten Abfahrten
  • eine echte Herausforderung für Fahrer und Bike