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Krumme Tante, Mehlsack, and Morsche Zinne - these are Bohemian villages?! Wrong: these three belong to the over 110 exceptional climbing walls in the Zittauer Gebirge nature park. A small excursion in the Bohemian and Saxon Sandsteingebirge mountains in the south-east corner of Saxony offers both beginners and climbing pros new challenges and breathtaking views.

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If you're missing the right outfit or necessary equipment for your next climb, you can find offers from the region here, where you can rent or buy climbing equipment.

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If you already have some climbing experience or just want to check out the climbing wall in the Zittauer Gebirge nature park, you can find professional guides and climbing course offers here.

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Aside from the climbing walls, there are a lot more highlights for all fans of the airy heights. For something different try the high ropes course in Hochseilgarten or one of the via ferratas at Jonsdorf and Oybin.

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Created to answer the climbing challenges of the Zittauer Gebirge nature park, the German Alpine Club's Zittau branch offers ideal lodgings directly at the edge of the forest at Jonsdorf - authentic lodgings in the Jonsdorf climbing area.

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2much4you 2010
2much4you 2010 - Outdoor Land-Podcast

  • 24 harte Stunden auf dem Mountainbike
  • 5 km lange Runde am Hang des Hochwaldes
  • gespickt mit Single-Trails
  • kräftezehrenden Anstiegen
  • rasanten Abfahrten
  • eine echte Herausforderung für Fahrer und Bike

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