MTB circuit: around the Oybin basin.

Tour start and end is the 'Haus am See' hotel at the Olbersdorfer See in the Zittauer Gebirge park. Enjoy a wonderful view of the O-See at the start and end of your tour. The tour leads over the Grundbachhöhe before it passes along a concrete commercial drive to a new settlement area known colloquially as the 'Golan Heights' and in the direction of the mountains. You will eventually reach the Bertsdorf train station. Trains from Zittau are separated here: one continues towards Jonsdorf, the other towards Oybin. The latter is your direction. Follow the track in the direction of Oybin past the Niederoybin train station and the Teufelsmühle. Left and right of the valley, sandstone climbing walls peak out of the forest; great climbs that you will encounter again on the edge of the path. Shortly before Oybin, there's a slight ascent, then along the southern slope of the Töpfer until the Korseltweg. This continues flatly until the Mönchsfelsen. Attention! Difficult pass! The ride down is certainly worth it, since the view of the valley and of the cliffs above are wonderful. Keep your eyes wide open! Now it's time to descend to the rest spot (Fetters Müh) and then on to the Bürgerallee. Cliffs up to 35 m high await you here, some with wonderful names like Elefantenturm, Waldtorwächter, Eisbär, and Jubiläumsturm. The most pretty features red stone (the local emblem of Oybin), the Kelchstein.

Trail length
27,2 km
Altitude min.
221 m
Altitude max.
548 m
Total ascending altitude
525 m
Total descending altitude
593 m
Degree of difficulty
2 h 5 min
Höhenprofil MTB Tour Oybiner Talkessel

Now travel a short distance down the street in the direction of Oybin. On the Talringweg, you will approach from the west towards the Hölle area of town ('Hell' in German), which is nevertheless a heavenly water catchment area with lush meadows. Past the Thomasfelsen and on upwards towards the 'Kleiner Stern'. The Pferdeberg is your destination from here. At refuge hut provides a view of the Hochwald, followed by a wonderful view of Berg Oybin 100 m below. Important: please carry your bikes for the next section to protect the steps from erosion. As a thank you, a small trail follows immediately which takes you to the Katzenkerbe. From here the going gets wild: the Ameisenberg comes next, which you will have to ride around, and then you continue along the east side towards the Götzenstein. Attention again! The left turn here is quite sharp, and a tough spot follows! After this, it's downhill until the final cliff of this tour - the Robertfelsen. Non-climbers can ascend thanks to climbing aids (pay attention with clicker cycling shoes!). And pay attention again, since the next section of the path has some surprises. You'll ride over a short dip in the direction of Hungerbrunnen. Shortly before this and on the left side, you can see the Luthereiche and the Brotstein, plus descriptive plaques which clarify these interesting names. Finally, you will come down the forester's trail until you reach Olbersdorfer Strasse. It's a relaxing ride along the bike path until Bertsdorf. The upper village features pretty traditional houses in the direction of Olbersdorfer See. This is really a beautiful tour through the Zittauer Gebirge!

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