Want to see more than others? Then this route will open your eyes! 31 km long, 815 m altitude difference, approx. 3 to 3.5 hours riding time.
The starting point is the Bürgerallee in Oybin. From here, you will ride through the Rosensteine and past the Kelchsteine – the symbol of the Zitt au cliffs. Then it’s down to business: 17 % climb takes you to the Kammloch and over the Czech border into Bohemia.

A beautiful panoramic path is the reward for all your efforts, and takes you through fl at pine groves and sandy paths to Mařenice (Mergthal) – including beer gardens and a church. Enthralling, hidden sandstone reliefs, a causeway between two dams and a single trail stretch take you further through a gorge. A little further on is the striking cliff, the Nadel, and soon after, a small chapel awaits you at Drnovec (Klein Grün). Then it’s back along the rural road, past an old forest pool, and back over the border at Dolní Světlá (Niederlichtenwalde). From Jonsdorf, you can head back to Oybin along the Warm-Up Tour track, or you can find your own personal track to take you back.

Länge der Strecke 31 km
Akkum. Höhe bergauf 815 m
Schwierigkeitsgrad moderat
Zeit 3,5 Stunden
Rundkurs Ja